7.1 Institutional Values and Social Responsibilities

7.1.1 Gender Equity

7.1.2 Energy Conservation

7.1.3 Waste Management

7.1.4 Water Conservation Facilities Available in the Institution

7.1.5 Green Campus Initiatives

7.1.6 Quality Audit

7.1.7 The Institution has Disabled-Friendly Barrier free Environment

7.1.8 Institutional Efforts/Initiatives in Providing an Inclusive Environment

7.1.9 Sensitization of Students and Employees of the Institution to the Constitutional Obligations

7.1.10 The Institution has a Prescribed Code of Conduct for Students, Teachers, Administrators and other Staff and Conducts Periodic Program

7.1.11 Celebration of National and International Commemorative Days

7.2 Best Practices

Imbibing Quality of Social Responsibilities

Art of Reading and Developing Competitive Spirit

7.3 Institutional Distinctiveness

7.3 Institutional Distinctiveness Documents

DVV Clarification

7.1.2 Institution has facilities for alternate source of energy conservation

(1) Geo-tagged Photographs of LED Bulbs

(2) Bills for purchase of Equipment

7.1.4 Water conservation facilities

(1) Geo-tagged Photographs

(2) Bills for purchase of Equipment

7.1.5 Green campus initiative

(1) Policy documents on Green Campus

(2) Plastic Ban in Green campus

(3) Geo-tagged Photographs/Videos

7.1.6 Quality audits on energy audit

Policy document on environment and energy usage.

Environmental Promotional activities

7.1.7 The Institution has disabled

Translated documents Blind

7.1.10 The Institution has a prescribed code of conduct for students, teachers, and governing body.

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