1.1 Curricular Planning and Implementation

1. The Institution ensures effective curriculum delivery through a well planned and Documented Process.

2. The Institution Adheres to the Academic Calendar including for the conduct of CIE

3. Details of Teachers Participation in Academic Bodies.

1.2 Academic Flexibility

1. Percentage of Programs in which Choice-Based Credit System/Elective Core System has been implemented.

1.3.1 Cross-Cutting Issues

1.3.2 Curriculum Enrichment.

1.4 Feedback System

DVV Clarification

1.1.3. Teachers Participation in BOS, Paper Setting and Central Evaluation


. Paper Setting

. Central Evaluation

1.2.1. (1) CBCS Notification

(2) CBCS Syllabus 2016-17 (B A)

(3) CBCS Syllabus 2016-17 (B. Com)

(4) CBCS Syllabus 2016-17 (M. Com)

(5) CBCS Syllabus 2019-20 (M .Com)

1.3.2. Syllabus for Project work (M. Com)

. 2016-17

. 2019-20

Syllabus for Project work (BA Sociology)

1.3.3. Project Work (M Com)

1.4.1. Feedback Sample Copies( Student and Alumni)

1.4.2. Feedback Action taken report

Download this file (2016-17-M.-Com.-Syllabus - Copy.pdf)M.Com Syllabus[M.Com Syllabus]18790 kB
Download this file (Academic year calendar 2019-20.pdf)Economics Lesson Plan[Economics Lesson Plan]755 kB
Download this file (bennihalli kavitha.pdf)bennihalli kavitha[bennihalli kavitha]4185 kB
Download this file (chaita project.pdf)chaita project[chaita project]4708 kB
Download this file (Commerce p g syllabus 2019-20 - Copy.pdf)Commerce PG Syllabus[Commerce PG Syllabus]6281 kB
Download this file (commerce seminar.pdf)Commerce Seminar[Commerce Seminar]1614 kB
Download this file (deepa n m.pdf)deepa n m[deepa n m]3561 kB
Download this file (Harshitha H G.pdf)Harshitha H G[Harshitha H G]3411 kB
Download this file (kavya k p.pdf)kavya k p[kavya k p]3427 kB
Download this file (L Sathish.pdf)L Sathish[L Sathish]5071 kB
Download this file (naresh s b.pdf)naresh s b[naresh s b]3050 kB
Download this file (Pooja J n.pdf)Pooja J n[Pooja J n]4924 kB
Download this file (shreedhara report.pdf)shreedhara report[shreedhara report]3254 kB
Download this file (sunil kumar.pdf)sunil kumar[sunil kumar]2362 kB
Download this file (supriya report.pdf)supriya report[supriya report]3846 kB
Download this file (sushma k s.pdf)sushma k s[sushma k s]3300 kB
Download this file (tanuja d r.pdf)tanuja d r[tanuja d r]3543 kB
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